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What is BSRBCC

The Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation (BSRBCC) is a flexible regional tool for daily inter-agency interaction in the field of environmental protection and to combat cross-border crime in the Baltic Sea region, with a certain maritime focus. Cooperation Partners are Police, Border Guards, Coast Guards and Customs Authorities.


The BSRBCC Head’s Conference in Stockholm 27-29 November concluded the year long Swedish presidency, summarizing the activities carried out in 2018. The conference also marked the shift of presidency as it was successfully handed over from Sweden to Denmark.

Keynote speaker, the Swedish National Police Commissioner Anders Thornberg, highlighted in his opening statement the importance of international cooperation in fighting cross border crime. BSRBCC is a forerunner in this cooperation, combining law enforcement and environmental protection in the Baltic Sea.

The Swedish Presidency has been managed by Swedish Coast Guard. In the seminars conducted, attention has been given to the sharing of maritime information between the member states. A common situation awareness is seen as an important tool to further develop the cooperation. At the conference, the Annual Threat Assessment Report was presented to the delegates, addressing the importance of continued joint operations.