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Mission of the BSRBCC

Vision of the BSRBCC:

"We have the spirit and the body to make the Baltic Sea Region remain secure in the future"


"BSRBCC is an operational and effective multinational inter-agency cooperation, counteracting border-crossing crime with a maritime focus.

BSRBCC offers a modern network for the exchange of information, knowledge and best practices, in order to develop a joint approach to future challenges.

BSRBCC establishes a common platform by connecting experiences in the fields of law enforcement and maritime practical training.

BSRBCC supports existing systems aimed at ensuring maritime safety, as well as environmental protection and fishery surveillance.

BSRBCC is a forerunner in harmonising the relationship and cooperation between authorities dealing with maritime and border security issues in the Baltic Sea region.

BSRBCC has various cooperation partners; FRONTEX as a key player being the most important one."