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2018 - Sweden

The Secretariat 1st meeting Stockholm

The Baltic Border Committee (BBC) 1st meeting Malmö

1st Annual Threat Assessment Seminar (ATA1)
Stockholm 17-19.04.2018

Joint Analyst Networking Team/Multi Risk at Sea  (Back to Back with ATA1)
Stockholm 17-19.04.2018

Documents Examination Workshop  ( SW POLICE)
Stockholm 29-31.5.2018

Vessel and Pleasure Boats Seminar  
TBD October 2018

2nd Annual Threat Assessment Seminar (ATA2) 
Stockholm 4-6.09.2018

Seminar for Avionic Experts 
Skavsta Airport 4-6.09.2018

Technical Solution on Maritime Border Surveillance 
Malmö 4-6.09.2018

The Secretariat  3rd meeting 
Malmö 19-21.09.2018

The Baltic Border Committee (BBC) 2nd meeting 
Malmö 9-11.10.2018

The BSRBCC Heads Conference 
Stockholm 27-29.11.2018

Joint Operation Multitask in relation with Joint Analyst Networking (ATA) Baltic Sea 

Aerial Multitask Operation in relation with Joint Analyst Networking (ATA) Baltic Sea 
1 day / 2 times