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State Border Guard Service under the ministry of the interior

MISSION. Strengthen the protection of external borders and the national security of the Republic of Lithuania by ensuring an effective state border and illegal immigration control SBGS's Tasks.

ORGANISATIONAL (FUNCTIONAL) STRUCTURE. Ministry of the Interior: Police Department, State Border Guard Service, Financial Crime Investigation Service, VIP Protection Department, Fire and Rescue Department, Migration Department, Information Technology and Communication Department, other subdivisions.


  • To ensure the inviolability of the State border and implement the policy of State border guarding;
  • Within the scope of its competence, to implement international agreements, laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania establishing the legal regulations of the State border;
  • Within the scope of its competence, to prevent, detect and investigate in criminal activities and other violations of law, protect human rights and freedoms and ensure public peace and security.


  • EU external borders  – 1070,66 km (60,73 %)
  • EU internal borders –    692,39 km (39,27 %)

Border with Russian Federation – 253,7 km on land, 18,5 km in the Curonian Lagoon, and 22,2 km in the sea.

Lithuanian border guards are responsible for controlling the external boundary of the territorial sea (75,2 km).